Making Money With Affiliate Network When Blogging for Profits

Blogging for profit with affiliate Network is what we are all hopping for. But where to start, what kind of offer they should promote and where can they find good reliable affiliate network? That is the question people will ask me and what they really want to know is:
  • Witch affiliate network they should join,
  • How to used their blog to promote someone else’s product,
  • And how a blog can make them money.
To start a profitable blog, you have to understand what blogging for profit is. You need to be consider as an expert in your niche.And the best way to do it is by posting new relevant articles on your blog. Your blog traffic can be consider as prospect and than, with targetted keyword, turn into customer. You can make money with your blog by bringing more traffic and by redirecting that traffic to your affiliate offers simply by making relevant post (that will bring targeted traffic), giving out a free e-book or free video course or anything related to your post in exchange of the Name and the e-mail of your readers.
Now, that you have people giving their Name and address for the free product, now that you have subscribers, you know what theses readers are looking for! Well, it's time to built a list and start using that list to promote affiliate product. Remember that people often need between 3 and 5 emails before they click on the link. You want to send them email every day for 3 days (for the same product) than another one on the fifth day and the last one on the seventh day. If they didn't buy, wait 2 to 3 days and start again with another product keep doing this on and on using your autoresponder.
Since they agreed to give their Name and email adress in exchange of something, you are not spamming them. So send them offers after offers until they take action. just do-it. If they don’t want to be emailed they will unsubscribe. You are blogging for profits. You want to help your audience, your readers, your opt-ins. Send them email with offers relevant to your niche.

Where do I get these products?

I can answer this question in two different ways…  I could easily do like most blogging for profits marketers and give you a list of affiliate network and saying that this one is the most used because this and that! But I won’t because these are going to be the only one you will know out of hundreds.

Instead, I’ll Make you work a little harder and tell you how to find a network or numerous networks to fulfill your needs. Make a search on “affiliate network” and scroll thru the results. See what they have to offer, what is their payment policy, what kind of support they offer and sing in to join. Deal with as many of them as you want since it’s free to join as an affiliate (99.9% of the time). But  for your own record keep track of which offer comes from witch network!

Try to find product,

Seek in your affiliate network for five or six product relevant to your niche and also paying a good commission is what you want to find.This step is important and wotth the time invest into it. You are blogging for profits and you want to make money so the commission issue and the conversion rate (% of people that click on the link, and that will buy) have a significant importance. After you have sorted out the product you want to promote, start with the offer that is the most relevant and that have the biggest pay out and follow with the second and the third and the fourth….. Go on and on.

Mean while, allways keep posting regularly and spent time once a while to find other good offers. Use your blog to increase the opt-in flow to your list and use your list to promote.  You see,  with a good plan and a well followed patern, money will start rolling in your account. Used a part of that money to invest in some product you're promoting. Try them use them and make a review in your blog (always be honest; tell people what you did like and what you didn’t) tell them why you are recommending that particular product. You can’t imagine how much this will increase your sales.